Betty (therapyy) wrote in real_debate,

In class, I freaked out when the teacher was talking about how they skin animals alive and how theyre mutilated for the sole purpose of becoming edible meat for us to eat.

I started getting sweaty and dizzy, and asked to step outside...

She asked why I was going through all that, and I told her it was probally because I was post traumatic. While I was out there, I was uncontrollable in controlling thoughts of my previous home life.

She doesnt see a connection between roadkill or mutilated animals with my abuse, torture, and mother dying.

Shes trying to imply placebo and not so much post traumatic behaviour....

however I think that it has a very strong connection... anyone here know much about psychology that is with me on this?

thanks =)
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i study psychology and i can totally see the connection.
your feelings and emotions from the video were probably very similar to your feelings from abuse etc. and the video triggered your remembrance of your past by linking both responses (to the video and your past) together. thus, in your mind now, your memory now associates any horrific stimulus (like the video) to give the same response as your abuse even though it isn't the same.

this is called 'conditioning' - learning, basically, by associating stimulus and responses to mean certain things for you.

i suppose you don't think that you will ever be free of this [subconscious] connection that you get whenever you watch something disturbing? Well you can be. Have you been in counselling or therapy at all?
I tried therapy but they weren't the greatest... probally because I went to kaiser. I'm seeing another therapist soon. Thank you so much for your support! =)